Project Description

USG People

In 2016 USG People Belgium made the strategical choice to reduce the number of on-premises servers and invest in the cloud. From a collaboration & communication perspective this meant that the existing intranet needed to be replaced & at the same time needed to be investigated if this cloud move could result in direct benefit for the information workers.

As part of the Uptime Group team, I proposed to define 3 Proof of Concepts: one to investigate what could be done with the intranet on O365, one for the introduction of OneDrive for Business & one to investigate how team- & project collaboration could be introduced.

Later on it quickly became clear that (due to the success of the platform) multiple request for sites were being submitted and a fundamental governance structure would be of outmost importance to not let the intranet grow into an uncontrollable platform. Together with the business we established the fundamental rules and a governance team & site were built to guide the further growth of the platform.

As part of the governance approach, a provisioning solution along with some client-side based applications has been set up based on the Patterns & Practices Partner Pack solution.

This project was commissioned by the Uptime Group.