Project Description

Reynaers AluminiumBack in 2007 Reynaers Aluminium was one of the first customers that moved to an intranet based on SharePoint technology. At the time SharePoint was conceived as a development platform which resulted in a lot of custom solutions. As the organisation evolved, the intranet however didn’t follow the organisational structure and needs. Many of the customisations made it really hard to adjust in a lean manner.

The intention of this project was to migrate to the newest SharePoint version (2016), reorder the intranet and at the same time revert many of the solutions back to the out-of-the-box functionalities SharePoint has to offer. Must-have components that can’t be offered by SharePoint are replaced by future-proof solutions that are easy to manage.

After a short analysis of the existing content a functional design was created as well as an information architecture. Solution replacements were offered & the migration approach has been outlined.

The actual implementation has been assigned to Ventigrate as well.

This project was commissioned by ventigrate.